GMT 4 Master Privacy Policy

The new GMT 4 Master now has the ability to connect to the web and update your watch face based on different configuration settings for different times of the day. In order to provide the features supported by GMT 4 Master some personal details are collect, stored and maintained on our web site.

Personal Details Stored

In order to provide the Service it is necessary to uniquely identify each user. Users currently sign in to the GMT 4 Master Configuration site using their Google or Facebook User Sign-in Credentials. This reuses the Google or Facebook User secure sign in facility which maintains its own Privacy Policy and details on security, data encryption etc. The Google or Facebook User secure sign in encrypted identification token is transmitted to the GMT 4 Database service. This service is a registered application with both Google and Facebook and has been issued a client identifier which allows the encrypted identification token to be used to retrieve and store the following personal information:

  1. Your user display name (as defined in your Google or Facebook sign-in account)
  2. Your First name (as defined in your Google or Facebook sign-in account)
  3. Your Family name (as defined in your Google or Facebook sign-in account)
  4. Your email address (as defined in your Google or Facebook sign-in account)

No passwords are used, transmitted or stored to the GMT 4 web site. Access is secured using secure Google or Facebook tokens to identify the user signed in and the registered application identifier issued to GMT 4 Master.

Personal Payment Information

Payments are handled via the secure Paypal payment facility and adhere to the standards set by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council, which is a joint effort of brands like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. As part of the payment process the following payment details are stored on the GMT 4 web site database and locally as 'cookies' to enable printing of receipt details at any time.

  1. The Paypal Payment Receipt number.
  2. The user name linked to the Paypal account used to pay.
  3. The email address linked to the Paypal account used to pay.

Use of Personal Data

Personal and non-personal information relating to watch face profiles is kept only for the following purposes:

  1. To provide and operate the Services.
  2. To provide our Users with ongoing customer assistance and technical support.

Information Disclosure

The GMT 4 Master web site is a dedicated server with appropriate firewalls and security services in place. No information is shared with any other party either in its format as saved or in any aggregated or statistical manner.

Use of cookies and other data tracking

The GMT 4 Master Configuration application keeps the Paypal payment reference, user name and email address for the Paypal account used to pay for the Service as local 'cookies' to allow a payment receipt to be printed at any time. No other data is stored or any other data tracking or recording mechanism used.


Communication with Users will only be via email. Communication may be for the following purposes:

  1. To advice of service outage to support site maintenance.
  2. To advice new features or version of the Service being available.
  3. Update or changes to the Privacy Policy.

Withdrawing Consent

If you no longer wish information regarding your personal details to be kept on the site you can select the 'Permanently Remove' menu option from the User Menu when signed in, alternatively you may contact us via email ( and include your full name, email address and Paypal payment reference to be removed from site manually. This will completely remove all personal data from the website. You will be able to re-join again at any time however you would have to pay again.