GMT 4 Master

The new GMT 4 range of watch faces now have the ability to connect to the web and update your watch face based on different configuration settings for different times of the day.

Using Garmin communication features, available only on some devices, your watch can connect to the GMT 4 web service and customise your watch to suit you based on the profiles you define. Now you can define a profile for your 9-5 work day watch, set up an entirely different look for your active lifestyle after work and then have something completely different on the weekends. Up to eight different watch faces can be defined along with the schedule to switch between the faces.

The new GMT 4 web based configuration page also allows you to select from preset configurations and have them applied to your profile, making it easy to build a new look for your watch face.

To set up and use the web based application you must have a google or facebook user account and must be able to pay via the paypal website using your paypal account or one of a number of different credit cards accepted. A license fee of $4.99 USD is charged to support hosting and running the website. All other features of GMT 4 watch face are enabled for free! click here if your device is supported or click on the link next to the supported device.

Check your device is on the support platforms list below before purchasing your activation key!

GMT 4 Web Activation Support by Device