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New GMT 4 Master

Updated 24th August 2017

With the release of latest development toolkits from Garmin it is possible for developers to add new features for some devices. GMT 4 Master is an updated version of GMT 4 that supports an 'always on' second hand, half hour times zones and a new digital time dial for displaying alternate time sones in digital format.

GMT 4 Master is only available on Fenix 5, Forerunner 935, D2 Charlie and Vivoactive 3 devices as these are the only Garmin products that support the new development kit and the ability to refresh the display every 1 second.

When running GMT 4 Master and the 'always on' second hand there is a limitation of a maximum of four colours in your colour scheme. The basic watch face is saved as a image on the device and then the second hand drawn over this in its new position each second. Whilst GMT 4 Master can support 16 different colours the memory taken to store the image is currently so large it fails to load on most devices. To work around this you can still select from the 16 different colours however you can only have a maximum of 4 different colours defined for your watch face, including the 'home hand' even if not shown!.

If you exceed the four colour limit the watch face will still display however the colours you selected will not! The colours will default back to grey or other colour in your selected palette rather than the colour defined in your settings. As from release 2.3.10 all the colours will display however the second hand will be turned off. Reduce the number of colours to four and then the second hand will appear.

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