GMT 4 News

GMT4 Lite Released!

3rd July 2017

A new version of GMT 4, GMT 4 Lite, has been released to meet the specific needs of the FR 735XT and Vivoactive HR devices. This version offers improved support for rectangular watch faces whilst retaining a sports chronograph analogue look.

The updated release also allows the user to control setting the colour of the hands on the minor dials as well as control the size of the individual minor dials.

Since the FR 735 XT device is now supported within GMT 4 Lite an updated version of GMT4 will be released in the coming days to remove FR 735XT support. The new release will also have improved support for square and rectangular faces, including the FR 920XT.

Given the many options available within the watch face some fields will overlap on smaller devices however they can be turned off in the GMT4 settings page.